How do I start?

You can email me or call me to arrange an initial consultation. This is a lower cost one-off, no obligation session. This is an opportunity for us to discuss your reasons for seeking therapy now, your expectations and what you hope to gain from counselling. It is a time to see if we can work together and whether we feel I am the right therapist for you.  


The cost for this 50mins consultation is £35.00.


How many sessions will I need? How often should I come?

We can discuss this at the initial consultation.  We could agree to work together for at least 10 sessions and we will then review our progress together and decide whether further sessions would be useful, or if an open-ended arrangement is more suitable.


Weekly sessions are best, meeting less than once a week means it feels difficult to maintain progress and in my experience regular commitment leads to better outcomes.   


You are free to end therapy whenever you wish, although a planned ending is always beneficial.


The cost for a weekly 50mins session is £60:00.


When can I come?

I have daytime and evening appointments available, please email me to find a time that suits you best. It is best to commit to the same time, on the same day on a weekly basis, however there is flexibility if needs be.


Can I cancel or re-arrange sessions?

If you do need to cancel or re-arrange a session you must be able to give me notice in the session one week before, otherwise the full fee will be payable. 


Are our sessions confidential?

The trust between client and therapist is crucial to the success of the therapeutic process and I hold everything we discuss as highly confidential.


However there are important limitations to confidentiality in line with the code of ethics to which I work, if I believe you are at risk of serious harm to yourself or others I reserve the right to break confidentiality in order to prevent harm. I would only do this in extreme circumstances and would always try to discuss this with you before taking action.

As standard ethical practice I also discuss my work with a clinical supervisor, this is to ensure that I am working at my best with you. My clinical supervisor is bound by the same code of ethics and confidentiality as myself.


Anything else?

If I have not answered your question here, or you just want to get in touch please don’t hesitate to email me or call me, feel free to leave a confidential message and I will get back to you.