Person Centered therapy focuses on an individual's self worth and values. Being valued as a person, without being judged, can help an individual to accept who they are, and reconnect with themselves.  


The Person Centered perspective starts with the assumption that every person has the innate drive and ability to be psychologically healthy and well. You inherently have a natural healing process within yourself.  Yet sometimes this ability or natural state becomes blocked and loaded with outdated patterns of behaviour.


My role as a counsellor is to aid in the creation of a robust and genuine relationship with you and to help free this natural healing process so that you can progress beyond present barriers. Social and emotional isolation, denial, lack of clarity, lack of awareness of feelings, limiting self-doubt and self-rejection are typical examples of such barriers. The intention is to reduce the sense of fear and build trust in your own experience, which will ultimately release you from their misplaced and powerful negative hold.  


We can also work to include techniques of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and  Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). This focuses on teaching you to make a simple yet radical shift in relationship to the thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations that contribute to what we understand as depression and anxiety and many other problems. By adopting this evidence based practice we can learn to step out of the habitual automatic patterns of mind that can arise at times of stress to enable us to take a different approach, to free us of unhelpful thoughts.